My name is Tracey Bellow and I am a foodaholic.

It has taken me many years to say this and to get here without realising that my obsession with food is something that can also pay my mortgage. I grew up, as most of us did, cooking with my Mum and helping do those ever complex and over the top dinner parties that became part of the 70’s/80’s culture. The Roux cookbooks and the Galloping Gourmet had a lot to answer for.

Work took me to M&S and after years in shops on the fashion/home side, I finally got into food. I am definitely more capable of relating to a beautiful cut of steak than the cut of a frock, and no – Lady Gaga’s meat dress does not count. Eventually I progressed to the best job in the world – group head of food marketing working with great people on iconic campaigns such as those now-somewhat-annoying-but-fun-at-the-time TV ads.

More recently I decided to get a work:life balance and just use my experience to improve and help other food businesses as well as giving myself time to travel and see all the wonderful things the world has to offer. It’s just me, a load of research and my camera. And there is so much to discover that I thought I could disseminate my thoughts here on a blog.

This is not going to be pictures of what I ate or recipes I cooked, but rather my view on what I see based on my experience. I have been told that I can be opinionated! and frankly I think that’s a good place to start. So I hope you find what I have to say stimulating and that you will respond accordingly.

Let me know what you think.