The cherry blossom in full bloom

I bought Mr B a cherry tree for Christmas.

I really enjoy buying presents for people and trying to find the perfect thing for them. My only rule is that I have to like what it is I buy even if it isn’t something I need or want. So you can imagine that lots of my presents are food related. The whole cherry tree thing came about because another friend of mine had given one to his partner last year and I just loved the idea of it. You get your own tree for a year including a chance to see it blossom in the Spring, collect the fruit in the Summer and have a farewell bash for your tree in the Autumn. It is such a great way to protect the trees themselves, to support the British fruit growing industry and most importantly a great opportunity for a family day out.

Our tree - with a smattering of blossom!

We are all aware that the weather has not been too favourable for the farming community so far this year and the cherry tree people are scarred with the same issues, so clearly the blossom thing was a bit slow in the making. Still, after a few lengthy newsletters detailing the ins and outs of the weather, growth, soil etc. they finally made the call and invited us to join them in a blossom party this weekend.

So off we all went to partake in the hog roast, eat scones with cherry jam, drink cherry juice and try the cherry choc chip ice cream. Who knew there were so many things to do with cherries? Well I guess we will when we are inundated with our stash of cherries this Summer. Watch this space! I bought a little cherry pitter whilst I was there to get us in the mood.

Off in search of our tree

The hog roast was popular - plenty of crackling and apple sauce

Still, for me this weekend embraced all that is good about the British community. I am not sure if it was the fact that the cherry tree people had such initiative in creating this club of cherry tree owners, or the sheer gumption of all those who turned up in rather cold wet conditions or even the whole community spirit it generated, but the whole thing was great fun. Mr B’s kids learned all about growing fruit and the English cherry business and I got to indulge in all things cherry for a day.

Believe it or not, there is a waiting list for renting a cherry tree so if you are interested in trying it out next year, get your name down on their website.