Selfridges bring the weekend to life

Those clever boys at Bompas and Parr have done it again.

I first encountered their creations two years ago at The Complete History of Food which was a full sensory experience and really put their talents on the map. Since then, they have collaborated on many projects first working in the mass retail environment in October 2010 with their Artisanal Chewing Gum Factory at Whiteleys shopping centre, following with the Chocolate Waterfall 6 months later.

Last year, they started working with Selfridges on their rooftop, which had previously been home of the Pierre Koffman pop up. The set up there is perfect to create an event with one lift servicing the roof and a team who are experienced at coming up with innovative designs as demonstrated by their window displays. Just look at this latest Jubilee example….

Another tongue in cheek window to support the Jubilee

So it makes sense for these two to join forces and luckily for us, it seems that the plan is to do more and more.

This weekend we are invited to celebrate on the roof with a pop up restaurant from Daylesford along with a crazy golf experience from those B&P boys. It really is clever. Simple iconic London buildings recreated at the centre of each hole and views over the very same London city from up there on that roof.

Go see, go play, go partake in yummy tea.

Happy Jubilee everyone.

Crazy golf comes to Selfridges rooftop

First hole – Big Ben

Hole 4 – The Tower of London

Final hole – The Gherkin

Time for Tea