I love Simon Hopkinson.


He is a chef’s chef. Those who knew him in the heady days of Bibendum still sing his praises as a chef, but sadly he didn’t enjoy cooking in that environment. The restaurant’s loss was the cookery book’s gain and in “Roast Chicken and Other Stories”, Hopkinson created a recipe book that is an icon. It should be on every kitchen bookshelf.

Rst C other stories

Despite being published in 1994, it is still going strong decades later and was voted the most useful cookbook of all time by Waitrose Food Illustrated in 2005. It’s quite something in the food world to beat the likes of Delia, Rick, Nigel & Hugh but to outsell Harry Potter….well that really says it all.

He is now back on TV with a new series: Simon Hopkinson Cooks. Even the programme title is typically understated. This man definitely knows how to cook and in a way that is easy for amateurs like me. He keeps it very simple, his instruction is well communicated and the food itself is yummy.

I was struck by the Gnudi recipe. I am linking it here just in case you decide to google it like I did and get the link to Come Dine With Me : Nude Dining. OK – I missed out the ‘g’, but that’s no reason to take me there!

I am going to get some lovely buffalo ricotta from M, the dairy manager at Laverstoke and get cooking.

And now I have series linked Mr H. and can’t wait for next week. Bring on Classic Lunch.