Happy Thanksgivukkah!


This once-in-our-lifetime celebration was last experienced in 1888 and doesn’t promise to be repeated for another 79,000 years. So make the most of it.

I am talking about the happy coincidence of Thanksgiving falling on the same day as the start of Hanukkah this year, which has totally captured the imagination of Americans. It is simply a result of the Gregorian and Jewish calendars lasting different annual lengths but hey – any reason to celebrate eh?

The marketing mafia have gone into overdrive with tokens, tshirts and a whole host of social media embracing lots of ideas. Twitter hashtags have been created; facebook pages liked by over 14,000 people and there’s a plethora of music videos, anthems and films on You Tube. One savvy marketeer even trademarked the name and cleverly made the most of this one off festival.

I find it interesting that the most common way to relate to this rare occasion is through food. Once again it is the easiest way to create a connection.

Combining Jewish culture and tradition, with those of the Thanksgiving festival has encouraged new food mash-ups and recipes such as the sweet potato latke, apple latke bites, brussel sprouts with pastrami and pickled red onion, Thanksgiving babka, pecan pie rugelach, challah apple stuffing and sweet potato noodle kugel.

TG recipes

So what did you make?