I have been to a wedding this weekend, in New York! It seems a little bit indulgent popping over to the big apple for a wedding but honestly I just knew it would be worth it.

The set of cards for the wedding

The set of cards for the wedding

From the very first save-the-date card the style was set and this young dynamic, charming pair did it wonderfully. We had three days of events to attend and each one was perfect. Whilst the happy couple are a different generation to me, they share in my interest in food, so have always been there when I needed New York recommendations and of course, joined us when we went to Blue Hill at Stone Barns for one of the best meals I have certainly ever had.

The goodie bag

The goodie bag

True to form, the food took as central a stage to the whole weekend as the stylish design. Saturday night was a ‘rehearsal dinner’ although really a chance to meet up with those who travelled into New York for the event. Food wise, it was a celebration of all their favourite eateries. Their first date was at Mile End deli so we had to of course have deli style sandwiches and pickles. Also adorning the table were a variety of Motorino pizzas to eat as the yanks do by the slice – no knives and forks here! Dessert was from the well known and somewhat iconic Zabars: black & white cookies, Babkas and Rugelach. All great reminders of Grandma’s cooking and so in keeping with the tone of the evening. And did I mention the cocktails? Designed and named by the happy couple and delicious. The evening closed with a goodie bag filled with a perfect kit of items to support any trip to NYC: a bottle of water (it is over 90 degrees after all at the mo), advil for the headache, pretzels, a momofuku cookie and a map of the subway. Great touch.

The event was held in the most wonderful building at Bryant Park where WeWork operates. This is the groom’s workplace and indicative of his unique abilities and style. It is a clever and fast growing business that is quickly expanding in London too. They pride themselves on finding great spaces to deliver unique workplaces for small businesses. Very simple and very clever.

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Waking up on Sunday I wondered just what the evening would hold based on that starting point. The event took place at The Foundry in Queens which set the tone before we started. The copper chairs and unique Chuppah adorned with Palm Springs-esque foliage set the tone for this LA born bride.

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We walked in to Champagne, funky music and these hankies which had been made from fabrics the bride had chosen on a buying trip to India. From the moment each person came down the aisle, the hankies were in full use. The wedding was short, unique, with intimate and emotional ‘vows’ and a husband and wife rabbi singing and speaking an edited but poignant service. As the groom broke the glass, we all knew it was the beginning for them of a wonderful life together.

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The food of course took centre stage after that as we moved next door and grabbed another cocktail from a newly designed menu. Canapes were classics that these guys have taught me about over the years: fried chicken on waffles, lobster rolls, bacon wrapped dates (a reminder of AOC), an oyster station and of course that devilled egg bar! And this was all before we sat down for dinner. The table placings were arranged on this board that the bride designed and created herself…yet another example of her style and taste and capability. No wonder she is flourishing at her job.

Dinner was outside under a canopy of foliage strung simply over lights and on long trestles; the style was of course sharing and the food sublime. I am told the caterer was Fig & Pig from Brooklyn but the food was all FranksnBens. Platters of heirloom tomatoes studded with mozzarella were partnered with a roasted summer fruits and burrata salad. Colourful, seasonal, delicious. Then mains were sharing again with platters of sliced steaks simply charred, vege lasagne and my favourite: creole style shrimp on grits.

Speeches followed with lots of tears, toasts and laughter and the dancing began. I don’t think the bride left the dance floor for the rest of the evening but there was one last food coup to unveil….dessert. This inimitable duo had dessert catered by the one, the only, Dominique Ansel.

Screen Shot 2015-09-08 at 11.51.58

If ever there was an iconic New York pastry chef then this man is it. The queues for his bakery have been round the block since the very first cronut was announced. You still can’t get your hands on one very easily and here we were knee deep in cronut towers along with a selection of his other showstopping stars: cookie shots, meringue topped chocolate cakes, chocolate and caramel pastries, banana and hibiscus cakes….you name it he did it. Thankfully we managed to share a bite each of these delights just to try our way through it and we all agreed the cronut was still the favourite with this month’s flavour combo: earl grey tea and bergamot providing a citrussy kick to stand up to the sugary buttery pastry.

I am told the bride, groom and their ushers and bridesmaids finished the evening with tequila shots and cocktails in their penthouse room at The Wythe hotel bouncing on the bed, dancing on the concrete floor and admiring the views from the window overlooking this wonderful city. We left before that and grabbed an Uber back over to Manhattan, resplendent and full of food, frolics and fabulousness. Thanks #FranksnBens. You are the best.

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