This week’s sourdough by my own fair hands

There’s something very humbling about baking a loaf of bread out of 3 ingredients: good flour, water and salt.

Ever since I went on the Bread Ahead course, I have stopped buying bread and have been making my own.  My sourdough starter seems to be working and attempts at both rye and standard sourdough bread have both been successful. It may take up to 3 days, but only a short bit of weighing and mixing over each of those days and there you have it. Three ingredients, three days to prepare and your very own baked loaf. Amazing.

My loaves last me a good couple of weeks. It was recommended you wrap in parchment and keep in a sealed box which is absolutely what I do to great effect. I cut as I go and as the bread changes, opt for toasting.

It’s an easy way to transport breakfast to work with two slices embracing whatever I add… and also I am really enjoying the 100% rye simply with Hummus for lunch. This weekend I had the joy of that first crust, cut when the loaf is still warm to unveil the bubbly doughy inside.

Toast toppings are one of the most versatile ways to create an easy meal. My Mum loves her sardines and Dad loves scrambled egg on top of his toast (I am an on the side person for this). I love recreating the Skagen we had in Stockholm with small prawns, mayo, creme fraiche, dill and a touch of lemon. But perhaps the most interesting of our family secrets for toast and the one I will share with you today goes to a pimped up tuna melt that we discovered through an old US friend. They may sound like a weird combo of ingredients, but trust me. The water chestnuts add crunch, the curry powder warmth and whilst it may be frowned upon to combine cheese with fish, the resultant texture and flavour is yummy. Serve on bruschetta for a pre dinner snack, as a hearty lunch on toast or on jacket potatoes for dinner.

Scottie’s Crab Toasties

225g white crabmeat

4 spring onions

1/4 tsp curry powder

1/2 cup mayonnaise

1/2 cup hard cheese

140g water chestnuts

1. Chop the onions and water chestnuts into small slices and pieces

2. Grate the cheese

3. Take a handful of the cheese and keep back. Mix all the remaining ingredients together to form a spreadable paste

4. Spread on top of toasted bread or bruschetta and sprinkle with that handful of cheese

5. Grill until bubbling, brown and delicious. Serve!