Back in April I told you I bought Mr B. a cherry tree for Christmas and after the blossom party, we were looking forward to the fruits this Summer. It seemed like a great idea that we could support a Kent farm, take the family to pick the cherries and make a day of it as well as have a bucket load of juicy British fruit not only to feed us now, but also to make some wonderful Christmas presents by preserving, juicing or simply adding alcohol. But it seems that the weather has not been on our side.

Last year, my friends extolled the virtue of this wonderful present and were overwhelmed with their abundance of cherries but sadly this year, the story is going to be very different. First it was the unseasonably warm early year which meant that fruiting plants thought the Spring season had started in Feb, then it was the unusual frosts in April which seem to have really nipped things in the bud, literally. And more recently it is that notorious jet stream which has carried so much rain that the fruits, even if they do come, are soggy and splitting. So we are advised that it is going to be a paltry offering this weekend when we go  a picking and I will have to get my thinking cap on for Christmas again.

Marking out a new racetrack?

I am sure you are feeling like me that the rain has just taken its toll in many ways this year. In the last fortnight, work took me to the wonderful Silverstone over the Grand Prix which really was a challenge as you all know. I thought it would be a good call to film our promotional video on Saturday qualifiers but how wrong was I?? it was genuine madness getting round in the torrential rain and gloopy mud. Even getting on site seemed like a season of Challenge Anneka.

This weekend we were due to be at the CLA Game Fair catering for the 18,000 members who were due to partake in fun games throughout the weekend at the lovely Belvoir Castle. Sadly this was called off a week ago as we were in the midst of preparing our lorries to get over there for the set up. The fields and lawns simply could not safely facilitate the event. What a shame.

It seems like the CLA cancellation is not the only event to fall foul this year. Many July food, agricultural and music events which have previously caught the imagination have also been called off this Summer including the Great Yorkshire Show in my home town, Taste of Edinburgh, Jimmy Doherty’s Harvest Festival, Innocent’s Village Fete and also The Big Chill. Some are saying it is the Olympic effect as this Summer the focus will be one of sport but the weather has clearly played its part in the decision making as well. This is awful news for the industry and I truly hope that the longer term implications are not too drastic.

Ironically I am writing this bathed in sunshine flooding through my windows today, but it is too late for this year. What have you been missing because of the weather?